Welcome To Redeemer Presbyterian Church


This paper explores the various ways a Bible-believing Presbyterian church differs in its form of government, doctrine, and view of sacraments from other denominations.
Living for Christ’s kingdom in all of life is an enormous privilege and precious calling of followers of Jesus. See why in this paper.
Why does our denomination require believers to be members in good standing of a church in order to take the Lord’s Supper? This paper attempts to make a good case for this position.
Just what are personal devotions seeking to accomplish, and how? Learn one pastor’s perspective.
Keep the rules and try harder! Is that the heart of Christianity? Read this to find out why Jesus staunchly opposed laying man-made burdens on the backs of struggling believers.
What does Redeemer believe is the most effective way for the church to share the good news of Jesus with others?
The Bible tells us to pray for those in authority. But how? Proverbs especially shows most specific ways we should pray for our country and those who lead it.
Redeemer longs to send missionaries to the ends of the earth. This paper details the Missions Committee’s official path you should follow if you desire the church to send you.
Few people are used to receiving wine at the Lord’s Supper. Should in fact practice this? Is the use of alcohol something to be avoided by faithful followers of Jesus, or something celebrated by God’s word?
This sermon explains one view concerning the return of Jesus, a position different from the popular notion that there will be a rapture of the church followed by a reign of Jesus on earth.
Read this to find out why nothing is more precious to a believer than relishing in the unshakeable stature of being sons and daughters of God. Sure beats living like an orphan!
The gospel does more than just convert people. It fuels daily joy, peace and dependence upon Jesus and his grace.